Sewa Golden City

Lucknow ,Lucknow

Rs.7 Lacs - 24 Lacs
Possession :   Feb ' 2016
Developer :   R Sewa Land Developers Pvt Ltd

R Sewa Golden City is another venture of ours wherein we have put in our heart and soul to give the best output you could ever dream of. Situated at Kanpur Road, this is a project that brings dreams to life. We have given all we could have to live upto your expectations and bring out something that you would cherish.Lucknow is a developing city, almost every nook and corner of Lucknow is being developed. The city will soon be commuting through metro trains

BHK Area Area (Carpet) Rate Price
Plot 800 Sq.Ft 0 Sq.Ft 999(p.s.f) 799200
Plot 1000 Sq.Ft 0 Sq.Ft 999(p.s.f) 999000
Plot 1796 Sq.Ft 0 Sq.Ft 999(p.s.f) 1794204
Plot 2000 Sq.Ft 0 Sq.Ft 999(p.s.f) 1998000
Plot 2133 Sq.Ft 0 Sq.Ft 999(p.s.f) 2130867
Plot 2448 Sq.Ft 0 Sq.Ft 999(p.s.f) 2445552

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